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Learn about Marketing Simply, it is a marketing agency with a difference. At the helm of the heart-centred venture is Ruth Bradshaw (Smith), a true Geek with a Big Heart and plenty of marketing experience, but with her is a unique team of handpicked industry specialists, collaborating to create the perfect online marketing team.

Geeks At The Heart of Marketing Simply

We aren’t just a bunch of geeks – meet the core team and see if you can put a face to the name…

Ruth Bradshaw Director / Chief Geek


The Chief Geek, Founder and Director of the business.  Ruth may think she is incredibly boring, what with 20 years sales & marketing experience under her belt – but that is far from the truth! Ruth is a non-stop whirlwind of inspiration, action and adventure.

When she isn’t applying her flexible approach to working with clients, you’ll find her outdoors, jumping out of planes for charity, or looking after her stepson and troupe of cats!


Sara is a star in more ways than one. Here at Marketing Simply, she looks after the payroll, invoicing and bookkeeping administration, which is a feat in itself.

When Sara doesn’t think she is as much a Geek as the rest she is certainly our numbers Geek and when she isn’t keeping the business in order she is taking care of her family.


Operations and IT Geek Chris mainly works behind the scenes as a mega-geek, number crunching and ensuring all the tech runs smoothly.

When he isn’t on his computer he enjoys working out,  playing five-a-side or watching the IT Crowd.

Kerry Copywriter Geek


When she isn’t weaving wonderful words into beautiful copy for our clients, she is sculpting with weird and wonderful materials as an artist.

Kerry is fabulously creative, and brings a wealth of marketing expertise and inspirational ideas as well as gluten-free cake to the Marketing Simply team.

Dena Marketing Geek


Not just a Social Media Geek, Dena keeps us all organised and co-ordinates work-flow, she loves working on client accounts that focus on business services, health, complimentary and holistic therapies.

Outside of work Dena enjoys time with her family and sustaining her family with what she grows on her allotment and the tomatoes are pretty tasty!

Geanette Geek Scheduler & Interactor


Meet another of our Super Social Media Geeks! Geanette is great at being social, which is why she is so good at looking after social media interactions for our clients.

When Geanette isn’t at work she looks after her two little girls, enjoys walks on the beach, and days out in London.

Raven Marketing Assistant Geek


Every team needs admin support, even a digital business like Marketing Simply Ltd (which is virtually paper free) so Raven is our admin Geek and she loves to get organised, filing, shredding, data entry and cleansing; even our stationery is organised!

When Raven isn’t organising she is on her bike, gaming or looking up Castiel.

marketing simply

That is the core of the team here at Simply, but we also work with other talented people to ensure our clients can access the right skills for the job! As such we’d like to give a heart-felt mention to…

Kathy – a local graphic designer and fellow cat lover, creative Geek who thoroughly enjoys putting a brand together or just refreshing a tired logo fr web or print.

Jason – a dab hand at web development, and when he’s not tweaking websites, he is off on some far-flung charity adventure.

Peter – a local PR Media Consultant, after many years as a journalist he finds working with smaller business heaps of fun and can get you on the radio or in the local press.

Rachael – a fellow marketing pro, who helps out now and then when she isn’t busy perfecting her downdog or training for a triathlon.

Plus industry specialists…

On our About us page read more on each person in the team, each Geek is trained and experienced in their chosen discipline, and tend to only ever work within that discipline.  Given the nature of digital marketing we find our team are incredibly talented and dynamic and have at least two main skill sets and usually a third skill, under their belt.

To you this means experienced digital marketers using their experience to market your business.  So the SEO team do SEO, the copywriters provide, proof and edit copy, and our social media experts focus on the 5 or 6  key social media platforms and don’t take on web-development. Like-wise our web developers don’t do social media but are likely to be a webmaster!

Above all everyone at Marketing Simply has been hand-picked for their passion for promoting businesses online, and for their awesome abilities to think outside the box to help a business grow.

Equals a better business online…

If you are looking for a scaleable marketing team with heaps of experience, then give the Marketing Simply team of Geeks a try. We can save you time, make you money, generate enquiries, and give and grow you a digital footprint that will help you get found online by the right people.

Get our marketing Geeks on board as part of your team! Call 01206 978648 or send us a message.

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