Analysis training

Analysis Training

If you require analysis training then you probably already know quite a lot about digital marketing – which is excellent!  Analysis training will teach you how to effectively measure the impact of your marketing endeavours, in particular those of the online persuasion. We will cover all or some of the following:

  • How to set up Google analytics
  • Overview of users, time on site, bounce rate and what it all actually means
  • Where traffic is coming from including organic, paid, social and direct search
  • What pages are popular
  • How many visitors come back
  • Setting up e-commerce tracking
  • Conversion and goal tracking*
  • Real-time analysis called “in-page analytics”

*GEEK ALERT! Before booking a course, we do need to carry out a pre-qualification assessment call or chat. Conversion and goal tracking is incredibly broad-ranged, and can get really geeky if developers are needed to fix issues that are limiting conversions and goal completions.

One-to-one training or small group sessions available upon request.

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