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Azafady Madagascar


After seeing an ad in The Big Issue in 2008 Ruth sold her house and headed to Azafady Madagascar for 3 months where she lived in a tent with no electricity, running water or mobile phone signal.

Ruth got involved with London based charity, Azafady Madagascar.

With the help of Australian founder Brett, a lot of locals, and 16 other pioneers from around the world, and Ruth of course – the charity built a school, taught English, and built fresh water wells and fuel-efficient stoves to help the families that live there.

Every year Azafady take up to 4 groups of volunteers to help the most impoverished regions of the country and endangered areas of the country with sustainability and conservation.

What everyone should know: Madagascar isn’t like a cartoon, real people live there and in a delicate balance with the environment. Indigenous people live from the forest, yet new forest doesn’t grow as quickly as the old forest is depleted. Combined with mining and erosion the environment has taken a hit, the forest is shrinking, animals are actually becoming extinct and people remain uneducated while the population grows.

Azafady basically means please or excuse me in Malagasy, to translate is further it means ‘may it not be a taboo to me’.

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