How To Manage Your Own Marketing

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Image by unsplash CC0

Image by unsplash CC0

As an owner of a small business, you might find managing your own marketing an overwhelming experience. Here are 5 easy steps that help make marketing easy, freeing up more of your time to get on with making money!



Not writing one means that the only plan you have is to fail. It may sound like a cliché, but it is vital to the success of your business.

Don’t feel too daunted by this task however – you can always come back to your plan once you have started it to change it, amend it, and add to it. Here are a few pointers to start you off:

  • What am I trying to achieve?
  • When do I think I would like to achieve it by?
  • What will help me reach that goal?

Example: One of my clients would like to have 4 group workshops booked per month. She thinks that 12 months is a reasonable time to build up her business to this level. To achieve it she has started promoting her workshops on facebook and going to local networking groups.



Take a look at what your competitors are doing, and keep watching them. You want to be able to offer something extra, something different, or something better if you want to compete.

Tip: Facebook Insights an excellent tool for keeping an eye on your competitors



Set aside time each week for marketing, start with just an hour or two and make sure you commit to this each and every week. Put it in your diary, add it to your schedule, treat it like the most important meeting you have – because it is. Without committing time to promoting your business, you’ll only be failing yourself.



If you decided that the path to success means having a website, using LinkedIn, and promoting on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube – then make sure you do these things! At times it may feel like it isn’t working, but time, effort and patience yield great rewards!

Ideas: Find out what your customers need/want and give them that in the form of videos, photos, updates, questions, quizzes, competitions, whatever you think will be engaging content for them! Remember to email them about it too – another great marketing tool!



If you cant do this, won’t do this, or find out that you just don’t do this even when you have written a plan, and promised to commit your time – then get someone else to do it.

The important thing is to get the marketing done. While it might be more financially viable to take on the marketing yourself in the early stages of running a business, at some point, you’ll hopefully be busy with doing business, and it may be time to hand over the baton.

Here at Marketing Simply we specialise in helping small businesses in Essex with their marketing. From handling a single social media channel to offering a full package which includes optimisation, web content and social media management, we are on hand to help. We also offer training if you just want some pointers to make sure you are doing it well. Get in touch for more information.

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