How To Manage Your Time As A Business Owner

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By jarmoluk CC0

By jarmoluk CC0

In business, time is money, but time away from your business is sanity – so how are you meant to strike a happy work/life balance as a business owner? It’s all about time management – here are my top tips!

  1. Prioritise tasks

You know what tasks are most important for your business, so don’t procrastinate, get them done first. If you find all those little jobs that never get done are piling up, then on a single day, make getting them all done together your priority.

  1. Schedule your day

You can waste a lot of time deciding what to do next over the course of a day, so make the start of each day a time to plan (and prioritise) what you need to accomplish that day. Maybe you can start each month by creating a rough monthly schedule to make planning your day-to-day tasks a little easier.

  1. Get organized

File things properly, both on your computer and in your paper filing. Give every piece of office equipment a home. Put events, deadlines and due dates in all your calendars and diaries. Organisation makes sure that you can find things when you need to find them, and don’t waste valuable time just looking for things!

  1. Schedule a break!

It may seem counter-productive when you have a lot of things to get done, but we are actually far more productive after a break. To make sure you take it, put it in your diary, just like you would a client meeting (except here the client is you). If you have a chance squeeze a bit of exercise into your break, a sure-fire way to invigorate your brain and get motivated.

  1. Reduce your distractions

If you check every email or notification as soon as you hear the “ping”, you’ll never get anything done! The trick to productivity is to increase concentration, which means reducing distractions. Turn off your notifications and only check in on emails etc after you have completed a task, or at set times of the day.

  1. Finish on time

As a business owner this may seem like a ridiculous statement to make, how can you finish on time when you actually work 24/7? Well, that is something that needs to stop, it is not productive or healthy in the longrun! Pick a finish time, and stick to it – and very importantly, turn off your email notifications when you are not at work, it is the only way to find quality downtime.

  1. Delegate or outsource

If your time-saving strategies still leave you feeling exhausted and without a social or homelife, then you may have to admit that there is just too much that needs doing in your business for just one person to deal with. If you don’t have a team to delegate to, you can always outsource. Some of the most commmon things to outsource are accounts, bookkeeping, and admin. Here at Marketing Simply we help companies that recognise that they need to outsource their Social Media Marketing to free up their time.

If you are interested in freeing up time by outsourcing your digital marketing, please get in touch with us by phone or contact form.

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