Tips On Co-branding and Collaboration for Small Businesses

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MS IMAGE Tips On Co-branding and Collaboration for Small Businesses

In this ever connected world, we believe that local businesses should show their love for each other and become even better by partnering up.

Collaboration not only strengthens the community, it gives businesses a better chance of success – here’s what you need to know…

Who you could partner with:

  • Organisations that have the same target market
  • People that compliment your skills and offerings
  • Businesses in the same building
  • Local companies
  • Brands that have the same ethos

How to get it right:

  • Make sure you have good chemistry
  • Work on small project first
  • Do your due diligence
  • Get references
  • Get a contract that protects everyone in the partnership equally

Save costs by:

  • Co-branding paperwork
  • Sharing an office
  • Exchanging skills
  • Sharing ad space
  • Inviting each other as guests to different networking events

How can it win new business?

By cooperating through collaboration, each party involved has the potential to increase brand exposure to new markets, as well as free up time and marketing budget to reinvest in growing the business.

We believe in strength in numbers, so make our Geeks part of your team. Call 01206 621644 for an informal chat about how you can collaborate with us to make your marketing magnificent!


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