Questions? Want to know how marketing simply can help you? Just ask and the team will be happy to help you with any enquiries.

Q: Will you write posts and updates for us?

A: Yes we will, after a great chat and some questions we work out a suitable approach.  Then we create a strategy that suits your goals such as boosting social interactions, broadening digital footprints, improving SEO rankings, increasing website traffic. The result is a fantastic business profile that works for your business.

Q: How do you create a strategy that meets the needs of my business? 

A: We come and meet you, find out your business products and services, get to know your brand and business objectives and create a plan that begins right away. 

Q: How is the quality of work monitored?

A: We have a quality approval process, a three-step check, to ensure everything meets the satisfaction of those involved. Work is sent to you for review and approval, then to us to ensure it meets the right criteria for achieving the goals set, and then everything is checked off before being scheduled for publishing.

Q: How do you get us found on Google?

A: We work with your website and social media profiles to give your business a web window so to speak. You collaborate with us, and with the help of the fabulous content we have written for you – again following the three-step check above – your online visibility will increase.

Q: What do we need to do for you to help us succeed?

A: Connect us with someone at your end, a member of your team we can talk to, or email, about work, events, and news within the business.  Your feedback and input is essential to success – we can certainly provide a high quality business profile, but you are the expert in your field, and we work as part of your team to take that expertise and experience as far as possible to get the desired results.

Q: Do I need images? Can you help with images?

A: Images for marketing are powerful. They say an image can speak a thousand words, an image can tell a whole story. In marketing images give your content context, and provide the visual stimulation that visitors are looking for. We can provide these on your behalf.

Q: Do you offer training?

A: Yes we do offer training. Options include 1-2-1 or group training, onsite or offsite. We also offer adult learning loans and consultancy. There are set courses available to attend, and we specialise in offering bespoke training tailored to your current knowledge levels and to meet goals specific to your business.

Q: Why should we choose you?

A: We think there are lots of reasons! We have 20 years of marketing experience, the most recent of which have been firmly focused in the digital arena.  Additionally, our team of Geeks are experts in their field and only do what they are fabulous at. Finally, we are passionate about what we do, and what we can do for you – offering marketing from the heart to help your business grow now, and in the future.

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