Heart Centred Charter

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Heart Centred Charter

The Heart Centred Charter is an agreement between Marketing Simply and its clients.

We agree to be honest and open about the goals, aims and objectives of each project

We commit to deliver what we say we will on time, with care and consideration

We anticipate you will treat us as an extension of your team, with respect and openness

We are human and can only become better at what we do with open communication

We will send you progress reports every month

We strive to keep progress reports and feedback as simple as possible

In return we expect the clients that we work with to help us to do

our job well by providing the information we need to maximise the

impact our skills have on the success of their heart centred


Once upon a time we had to learn our trade and understand some

of the language is unfamiliar,  please ask if anything doesn’t make

sense – we will always go back to our roots

and explain our approach to marketing, in a simple and

straightforward manner.  

Marketing from the heart to help your business grow, heart centred charter. 

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