How To Fall In Love With Your Website Again

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www Marketing Simply Chances are that your relationship with your website has been a tumultuous affair.

It was probably launched in a blaze of passion and glory, and you loved every inch of how it looked and performed – but over time you have grown tired of its upkeep, and its beauty has probably diminished in your eyes too. Well, fear not, with the month of romance upon us, we thought it would be timely to spread the love and tell you how you can learn to love your website all over again.

Step 1 – Give your website a new look.

Before you start panicking at the amount of money it could cost to have a new website built…relax… there are cheaper (and easier) ways to get a new look. You could change the colours on your website, choose a different font for your text, or even go for a re-brand and add a new logo. You could even change the layout a little, a great idea if the style you have looks dated. One of the easiest ways to update the look of your website is to add new or different images and videos.


Step 2 – Make your website easy to use.

Having to battle with complicated navigation and broken links is a sure-fire way to feel frustrated with your website, and prevent you keeping it up to date. Just think – if you are finding it a chore to browse, imagine what your potential customers must be feeling! So, do yourself, and everyone else, a favour and give your menus an overhaul and find all those broken links. Ideally the path to purchase should be easy and doable in just 3 clicks!


Step 3 – Pimp up your content.

One reason you may be bored with your website is that it has nothing new to say. Well, only you can do something about that! You could re-word your key brand messages, shout about your latest products or services, tell everyone what your company has achieved in the past few months, or even put some team members in the spotlight with personal achievements. Search engines will love the refresh too, and may reward you with better rankings.


Step 4 – Get connected.

This means adding social media buttons, and maybe a stream of your latest tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram images, and YouTube videos. Connecting your website to social media will help you start, and maintain, a conversation with potential and existing customers or clients, members of staff, and industry peers and influencers.



Knowing what you should do and knowing what you should actually be doing to make your website better are two very different things. If you aren’t sure about the overall health of your website or its impact as a marketing tool, you need to call in some Digital Marketing Geeks (that’s us) to do a website review.



A Marketing Simply Digital Review takes a good look at your website from an SEO and a user perspective as well as looking at what is going on with your social media profiles. You will then receive a report that outlines the practical fixes needed to improve performance. Do these things and you’ll no doubt find that you have fallen in love with your website all over again!


Here is an insight into some of the super-exciting stuff we look into in a Digital Review:

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Broken links
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Directory listings
  • Social media links
  • Blogging frequency
  • Social media profiles
  • Social media presence
  • Brand impact
  • Local connectivity
  • Keyword relevancy
  • Load speed

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