Simply Ruth Ltd Visits 10 Downing Street!

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As one of the 100 businesses selected to be part of Small Business Saturday, mentioned in my last blog, I had the absolute privilege and honour to be invited to 10 Downing Street. It was quite simply an amazing experience.


I negotiated hoards of tourists outside the PM’s famed abode to be able to join the queue and make my way through security. Having already accepted the invitation to attend, my name was on a list and all I needed to do was put my bag through the x-ray machine and walk through the metal detector. It was at this point my phone was promptly taken for security reasons.

Simply Ruth Ltd at 10 Downing Street

So there went my plans for a selfie once inside!

I was totally struck by the presence of heavily armed policemen and the infamous big black door of number 10, but the most memorable moment of the day was what I found adorning the walls. All the way up the staircase, up to the cloakroom, hung a collection of satirical cartoon artwork, featuring PMs from over the years – it was like walking back through time. Sadly with our phones and cameras confiscated at the door the images remain in my mind – it is something I really wish I could have shared.


Highlights of the Day:

Carol singing from school kids

A speech from George Osborne

Meeting Karren Brady

Market stalls with some of the 100 Small Biz and their wares (including some very delicious chocolate by!)

Meeting Karren Brady as part of Small Business Saturday Simply Ruth Ltd

Ruth Smith & Karren Brady


And I met some really lovely, inspiring people including:

Cherith Harrison – she made me laugh about loo roll, you can see what she does here.

Dr Julio E. Guerrero – a visionary with a phenomenal brain, click here for what he does.

Hayley Woodham – living her brand with fabulous hair and a fabulous business, see here for more. 


This was a wonderful opportunity to meet some great people who are as passionate about local businesses as my team and I are. If you are interested in Small Business Saturday, visit their website to find out how you can get involved!

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