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Being the face of your company on social media is part and parcel of running a small business, but are you au fait with the etiquette of the times? If you aren’t then using social media is probably causing you a bit of a headache, and a lot of anxiety!


We have identified two extremes of a social media user, the problems each might experience, and what can be done to alleviate the trauma! Which one are you?


The Socially Obsessed

Cannot be without a phone, tablet or computer

Checks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram every 20 minutes

Rechecks social media just moments after closing it down

May have more than one device to keep tabs on all social media channels at the same time

Is friends with everyone and anyone

Gets very upset about negative comments made on social media

Shares their every moment on social media

Expects interaction on all their posts and is disappointed when there is none

Checking social media is the last thing they do before they go to bed

AND the first thing they do in the morning

The over-user is likely to have their phone in their hand while watching TV, walking the dog, having a face-to-face conversation, standing in a queue…

Start to see strangers they are connected with as best friends


If this is you then here are my top 5 things to do to get your REAL life back on track.


  1. Set time limits – social media is a time drain and 30 mins is quite enough to catch up on things per day. If this is too much of a cut down from 24/7 then set yourself 10 minute blocks of time every hour to wean yourself off.
  2. Use distraction – do something else, clean, walk, snooze, read a book.
  3. Use the time to make real connections with those you love… your cat, your partner, your Mum…  whoever it is, make time for talking.
  4. Talk to someone about your problem – mobile phone addiction is a real thing and there is help out there. Not only for the mental addiction, but also for the impact it has on us physically including text neck, disturbed sleep and eye strain.
  5. Remove your mobile phone from your bedroom – read a paper book before bed, this also helps to stop the first thing you do in the morning to be checking your phone.


Did you know? Nomobophobia is a real disorder, with sufferers experiencing extreme anxiety at the thought of not being connected to their life online. The symptoms include anxiety, depression, and general loss of connection with the “real” world – just like any other addiction!


The Socially Scared

Is scared to put too much on there

Doesn’t want to connect with just anyone

Is uptight about who they are following

Is worried they will say the wrong thing

Finds looking at other people’s posts hard work

Finds using social media fills them with self-doubt and other horrid negative feelings

Gets annoyed at the arbitrary stuff that people post

Feels like it is a show off shop

Gets anxious when posting publicly

Gets inexplicably annoyed by people posting successful lives

Experiences unreasonable thoughts and outbursts about strangers

Feels overwhelmed by using social media

Just doesn’t get it, or those that are addicted to it


If this is you then here are my top 5 things that could help your anxiety.


  1. Follow lots of random people – the more you see, especially from people you don’t know, the less you’ll feel overwhelmed by the whole system.
  2. Follow what you LOVE – if you love gardening, baking, music… follow businesses, people and posts based on the stuff that makes you happy.
  3. Comment on what you know – nerves from posting on social media often come from being worried about looking like a fool. In which case, keep your comments concise, and on-topic, and only post when you feel confident to do so.
  4. Delete what you don’t like – whether it is a comment you have made, someone you follow, the power to make things go away online is possible with the tap of an icon!
  5. Get some help – if social media really isn’t for you, then consider delegating the online activities to someone else.



If social media gets your heart racing in the wrong way and causes negative feelings then take a moment, we are here to help!


For many businesses a presence on social media is an invaluable tool to market products or services, but you don’t need to be hands on to have a great social media presence. Equally while social media is increasingly popular, it isn’t compulsory for you to be present or even have your own personal account. For more information about our social media marketing packages – just get in touch!

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