How To Understand Your Clients and Target Audience Better

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A Baby Boomer is unlikely to be found on Snapchat, and a Generation Z is not likely to be found Networking at the Rotary Club. Even if you know WHO you are looking for, do you know WHAT they are really like and WHERE to find them?

Who are your clients and target audience?

Silent Generation / Traditionals

These guys and gals were born pre 1945 and are conservative and thrifty, valuing security, comfort and familiarity. Traditional mail-outs (letters) are more likely to grab their attention than cold-calling. While you’ll be hard-pressed to find many embracing social media platforms, many are active email users, so e-shots are also an option.



Baby Boomers

These post-war lads and lasses were born between 1946 and 1964, and actually fall into two distinct groups. Boomers 1 (1946 – 1954) are classed as optimistic, given key political events during their coming of age, whereas Boomers 2 (1955 – 1964) are regarded as being quite narcissistic, inflicted somewhat by skepticism. Both groups favour telephone and face-to-face interactions, above all looking for trust and respect. Email campaigns and social media interactions should focus on authenticity, and include positive feedback from past customers or clients to help ease anxieties about trust. Nugget of advice: never ever patronize a Boomer.



Generation X

Born in the post-hippy pre-punk era of 1965-1976. Generation X is educated and skeptical, with a cautious anti-establishment attitude. This group has adapted to being online, and are easily reached by email and text message. Give them what they need to help make an informed decision – if you don’t provide it, they’ll turn to a competitor that does.


Millennials / Generation Y

Kids born between 1977-1995 are now sophisticated and tech-savvy. They are also immune to traditional marketing tactics, as they have been exposed to it since their year dot. They are regarded as a fickle bunch, changing their styles and opinions just as fast as the technology they use changes around them. Millennials have been educated to embrace technology, using text and social media is second nature to them.


Generation Z

These spring chickens were born between 1996 and 2012. They are characterised as being environmentally friendly, well educated, media and tech savvy – but with very little brand loyalty. The expectations are high and they want to be impressed. To catch the attention of this demographic you have to address their desire for maturity, and respect their inherent analytical outlook – and the short attention span. They play first and work later, they value the now, they use snapchat and periscope – they will be the first to embrace technology like Google Glass. Think tech, think green, think transient, and you’ll be thinking like a Gen Z.


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