Q: Why Does Your Business Need A Responsive Website?


A: It will rank better in search and your visitors are more likely to convert!


Want to know more? You should…


Responsive websites explained

A responsive website is a website that adjusts to fit the screen of the device it is being viewed on. This means the visitor does not need to pinch or scroll to view the content or the navigation. Responsive websites also resize pictures, resize fonts, change the layout, and presents the content in the most logical format for the viewer. The result is a website that a viewer can see in its entirety.


Proof your audience wants a responsive website

Are you fond of making a cheeky purchase on your mobile phone? Do you like to watch videos on a tablet? Maybe you use your iPod to peruse opening times of your local takeaways. If you do, (and the chances are you do – a lot!) then you are part of some very important statistics as mobile device usage outpaces desktop browsing, and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate!


In the last 5 years traffic from mobile devices has increased by over 2,000%!!!!

  • Over 50% of all visits are made by mobile phone
  • In excess of 36% of sales are completed on a mobile device
  • That figure rises to 40% in the clothing industry
  • 18% of sales are on a smart phone
  • 82% are made using a tablet


I think you’ll agree that the evidence isn’t just anecdotal… those stats speak volumes!


Why Responsive ranks better

As of April 2015, not having a mobile-friendly website WILL affect your rankings, thanks to Google’s latest mobile-friendly update. To help website owners, Google has released the Mobile Friendly Test. Just pop in your URL and away you go! As with all updates, there is still much speculation about what parameters can make a difference, including how much page speed, code bloat and indexing factors will impact on desktop results.


Why Responsive converts better

Quite simply, visitors are more likely to convert if they are having a good online experience. Hard to click buttons, difficult navigations, tiny text, scrolling and pinching all associated with an unresponsive design DO NOT make visitors happy, and they will soon leave, maybe to your direct competitor.


What you can do

To see how mobile visitors are behaving on your website, turn to your trusty friend Google Analytics. Here you can separate visits out into desktop, smartphone, and tablet, view the proportion of visits from each, and see what your bounce rate is, and also your conversions.



To get help with making your website simple for visitors on the go to use, get in touch with the Geeks at Marketing Simply. We can help you analyse your stats, enhance your appeal to mobile users and of course give valuable advice about boosting your overall visibility online!

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