How can your business benefit from using social media?

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Using social media can really increase your businesses digital footprint and raise your company profile as well as gain new business.  How is your business using social media?  In this post I share with you the best way (in my opinion) to ensure your business is getting the most out of its’ social media activities  because I keep getting told “I don’t know what direction to go”.

Starting with an online marketing strategy (this is incredibly important and if missed leaves your business aiming blind) you can identify what needs to be actioned, in what priority for your business.  Social media is just a part, of any online marketing strategy and can easily take up a lot of your valuable time without the right direction.

A clear pathway, essential to any online marketing strategy, by Simply Ruth Ltd Colchester Essex based online marketing company

To ensure your business is getting the most from its social media endeavours, have a go at sketching or brainstorming the following:

  • List all of the social media platforms that your business is using or would like to use
  • Assess what your business hopes to achieve by having a presence on each profile (this is really  important)  I have listed the top 5 but there are many others.
  1. Twitter – i.e post links to updates, new blogs and images associated with your business, share other industry relevant news
  2. Facebook – i.e run competitions, post photographs of recent events
  3. LinkedIn – i.e engage in forums, partake in conversations
  4. YouTube – i.e post video’s on your business products, services and customer testimonial
  5. Pinterest – i.e create boards of images of interest relating to areas of your business
  • Identify which of those platforms your business already has a profile for and those that don’t
  • Create a business profile for each of the platforms that your business doesn’t have
  • Draw up a strategy of overall key messages your business wants to communicate
  • Schedule those key messages into an activity schedule over the next 6-12 months
  • Action the first of your business communication activities and promote on the relevant social platform

Things to consider when creating an online marketing strategy are the key messages you want your business to be found for.  A good starting point is with the products and services your business offers,  the benefits of those products or services provide along with the problems those products or services overcome.

If you get stuck you can always check with an industry expert who will point you in the right direction, I would welcome your feedback on what you are working on currently. Thanks for reading this post.



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