I know there are lots of tools out there to help you with Twitter, but what about learning the basics of Twitter? In this post I will share with you a few bullet points about the basics of Twitter, as well as a short video of me presenting on the subject of The basics of Twitter .

So Twitter, what is it all about?

Well it is a tool for you as an individual or a business to connect with people you know, people you are interested in, brands, celebrities, authors, film directors and more.  It is a social media platform for communicating and engaging with people. It is an educational tool, it is fun, it is light hearted, it is a fog horn or even a sign post.  It is many different things and it is very useful for you as an individual and more so, as a business.

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Why would you?

Years ago we didn’t have computers at work, nor the internet or a smart phone, let’s face it life was much more simple.  And if you don’t remember those days, then lucky you because business has changed.

Think about it, when you go and meet people at work, the pub, networking, at shows, promotions and on the road it can be really hard to continue with the momentum you both created when you met.  I don’t mean in a romantic way (though I am informed there have been twitter romances) no what I mean is when you meet someone at an event and have a fantastic chat about business, how do you realistically manage to stay in touch with them?

  1. How do you reach out to your tech-savvy customers? Twitter allows this to happen in a non-confrontational way.
  2. How do you promote your new business venture, information you want to share or connect with cat lovers? Twitter does this! Especially when you categorise your tweets.
  3. How do you ensure your client base can find your website? Twitter is a fabulous and simple way to do this, just make sure you are following your customers and have let them know you are on Twitter too.
  4. How do you share your latest blog post? Twitter can really help to drive traffic to your website by adding links.
  5. How do you create  buzz around a new product launch? Twitter can really create a buzz when managed in the right way.
  6. How do you interact with your customers, suppliers and leads? Twitter allows you to connect with them directly.
  7. How do you let Google know that people interact with you and your business?  If your followers engage with you on Twitter, positive social signals get sent to Google which is a good thing!

Twitter is a such an effective tool to do this and the beauty of Twitter is that people interact with your tweets, their followers then see those tweets (and you and your brand) and they may interact with your tweet because your contact in common did, it is a brilliant way to reach out to people you would never have met before all from your device (computer, phone or tablet).

What can you expect from it?

That you will learn something new. That you will connect with people you didn’t even know where out there. You may have fun and you may even smile or laugh. If done right you and your business will become more of a recognised brand and your website can get more visitors.

You may get overwhelmed by the amount of information on your twitter feed (these tweets are those from the people you are following)and there are ways around this.

You will get noticed if you spend a bit of time on it, “little and often” is a great Twitter mantra to adopt.

A few tips on Twitter.

  1. Accounts are free to open so click here to sign up for yours.
  2. Choose a name (twitter handle)  that suits you and your business i.e @rufusboo (which is me, do come and say hi).
  3. Add a link to your website in profile settings.
  4. Complete the bio on you including your location.
  5. Please add a profile picture, twitter provides a blank ‘egg head’ picture which is no good if you are trying to reach people.
  6. Add a back ground image something that is personal to you or a great image of something relating to your business branding.
  7. Change the wallpaper to suit you and your needs. Do remember this is only  visible when people look at your profile on their computer.
  8. Be nice, be polite and friendly, if you aren’t sure ask yourself this “would I speak to my Nan or a friend in this manner?” if the answer is no then don’t bother with that particular tweet.
  9. Thank people for interacting with you, following you or retweeting you, it is polite!
  10. Tweets are what the posts on twitter are called.
  11. Twitter only allows you  a box with 140 characters in to write your message, it is a fun challenge to write something that makes sense.
  12. Follow people you like or know but you don’t have to follow everyone who follows you.
  13. Use the hashtag # to categorise your tweets i.e So lovely to see so many new followers, #thankyou
  14. Think about what you want to say and how you want to use Twitter.
  15. Write your first tweet.
  16. #keepitsimple

There is a lot more to twitter however if you start off slowly working your way though the bullet list above then you will make a great start.

If you want a few more tips come on over and see my overview presentation on Twitter here.

And if you have any questions then please do leave your comments here or connect with me on Twitter @rufusboo.


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