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Want to hear a rather harsh truth? Your website visitors don’t really care about you, or your business. They pretty much only care about what they will get from you! As such, plastering your website, especially your homepage, with we… wewe… isn’t the way to get attention, generate leads or make a sale.

Tip 1 – Tell people what they’ll get

DON’T write: We deliver excellent insights…

DO write: Get excellent insights…


TIP 2 – State your USPs

DON’T write: We promise fast delivery

DO write: Fast delivery


TIP 3 – Keep bragging professional not personal

DON’T write: We are excellent at what we do

DO write: Excellent service guaranteed


TIP 4 – Address the reader using “you”


DON’T write: We provide the cheapest prices online

DO write: You will get the best prices available

TIP 5 – If you must “we”, do it on your About Us page


This is the only place to really we on your website. Anyone who is taking the time to look at your About page is aiming to find out about you, who you are, what you do, and why you do it.


Take a look at the examples below…

Hopefully you can appreciate that the Examples A give a direct, positive message that inspire action.  Whereas examples B offer a more reassuring tone – good for easing consumer anxiety if they are interested in your company, but less powerful when it comes to generating an enquiry or sale.


Examples A

  • Get excellent insights into your performance with the help of our consultants who have many years of expertise in the industry.
  • Fast delivery from a dedicated team of couriers working 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Excellent service guaranteed, from the winners of the Excellence In Our Business Award.
  • You will get the best prices available because Company A buys in bulk, and passes the savings straight to you!

Examples B

  • We deliver excellent insights thanks to our many years of expertise in the industry.
  • We promise fast delivery, using our own dedicated team of couriers that work 24/7 365 days a year.
  • We are excellent at what we do, proven by winning the Excellence In Our Business Award consecutively for the last 6 years.
  • We provide the cheapest service because we buy in bulk and pass the saving straight to you!


It is good to remember that every page of your website serves a purpose, and has a specific function, as such the content you use should reflect this.

Homepage – explain your product/service by telling the visitor what they will get.

Category page – focus on the diversity of your product/service and the benefits to the visitor.

Product page – focus on the features of the product/service include specifications, reviews, testimonials and pricing.

About page – ease consumer anxieties by telling the visitor about you.

Contact page – tell the visitor how to get in touch and what to expect after they have contacted you.

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