Why Is It All About Google?

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Since the brand became a verb, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Google was the only search engine out there, especially as digital marketing specialists (like us) bang on about Google day in and day out. Well, there are some very good reasons for that – here is the lowdown on why it is “all about Google”.


  1. Google holds the largest market share – in fact at the time of writing global stats were*:
  • Google – 67.49%
  • Yahoo – 10.77%
  • Bing – 10.67
  • Baidu – 8.13%
  • AOL – 1.08%


Which means that if you want to corner the market with online shoppers or enquiries, you need to target your marketing to the most popular search engine.


  1. Google is accurate – You type in a search term, and that is exactly what the results display. To be fair, other search engines are accurate, but Google became accurate faster than the others, so won the hearts of the searching masses first.


  1. Google is great for image and video search – Video and image search is an area where Google has excelled, and since still and moving image content is getting ever more popular, chances are Google will remain first choice for many.


  1. Google Maps – People love it, and so use it – and when you optimise for Google, you show up in lots of lovely Maps features for local, semantic , and real-time search. Lovely!


  1. Google is user friendly – From predictive search results to an easy to use interface, Google is the clear winner when it comes to usability, which is why more people love to use it!


Where does Google fail?

Quite simply – on privacy. This could be the thing that sends potential customers running from it and into the arms of a competing search engine, such as DuckDuckGo, who has a clear privacy USP! But until then, marketers the world over are firmly focussed on Google, and putting their clients’ marketing budget into search engine optimisation that is more likely to provide a return on the investment.


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