Pay Per Click Advertising

What is pay per click marketing

To get your business found online (almost) instantly PPC Pay Per Click advertising could be for you. Yes you can learn how to do it yourself and if you have time on your hands, can be a cost effective way to market your business.

If you have never heard of PPC it is where you type into search on Google, perhaps as in the example for Aromatherapy Colchester, the listing at the top with the little green “Ad” next to it, that’s a pay-per-click or PPC advert sometimes known as Google Adwords.

Some key benefits of PPC are:

It is almost instant – Results are very quick

It gets you to the top of Google

It is good when your business or brand is not known or have a product or service to offer

Some myths about PPC: Your competitors can’t click on your advert multiple times It does not provide any additional lasting benefits to your website. This is true unlike SEO or Search Engine Optimisation which can provide long lasting benefits to your website

*It can be tricky – this isn’t a myth it true and explains why it pays to use a professional

To get started on PPC you do need a website and your website needs to be set up ready to work with pay-per-click advertising. This is all part of the service we provide, along with including your advertising spend on Google so you don’t have any additional costs.

To enquire about getting started on PPC call 01206 978648  today.

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