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Punarble Plus


 In 2012 Ruth cancelled her usually cosy Christmas, took 3 weeks off work unpaid and went to Kathmandu in Nepal.
She got involved with two orphanages Punarble Plus and Chhahari, both of which work with extremely poor orphaned children from the city and surrounding areas.

Both orphanages had their own challenges, mainly relating to stigmas around HIV and mixed casts living together as well as funding and ongoing support to keep their residents fed, clothed and educated.

Ruth heard some heart breaking and bone chilling stories which she won’t share here however if you are really interested in learning more arrange a meeting and make a donation to a worthy cause.


Punarble Plus houses and educates children displaced by HIV and is the only establishment of its kind in Nepal.  They run a school for 4-16 year old boys and girls along side the orphanage.  You can donate to their education , safety, running water, electricity and other ongoing running costs here.

Chhahari houses and educates children mainly from the Thamil community displaced by poverty, you can learn more by visiting their website.

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