Ethical Online Marketing – What You Should Know About Link Building

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Don’t let the bad reputation of backlinks get the better of your online business goals! Approach link building with respect and creativity and you’ll find that you can still build powerful bridges as part of an ethical marketing campaign.

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Bad links – what are they?

Before we tell you what you should do, let’s recap on what not to do!

  • DO NOT auto submit – avoid submitting to directories where it is all about volume of links.
  • DO NOT pay for links – this is paying for advertising, not allowed when it is to affect organic search results!
  • BEWARE of guest posting – don’t author a guest post just for a link, do it because it make sense for your business.
  • DON’T BOTHER with blog comments – most blog comments are nofollow, and even if they are, it is unlikely to be considered as important by search engines.


How to build good links

If you think ethically, it is really quite simple


1 – Create content that people genuinely like and want to link to (useful/informative content).

2 – Try and “make friends” with the right people, people who are able and willing to link to you.


Attracting worthwhile, useful and natural links can generally be achieved by focussing on building traffic. For example:


Identify other sites that might be able to send useful traffic your way (their target audience should find your information, service or product useful).


Connect with the website owners, see if their audience would be genuinely interested, and if so, start a lasting relationship!


Work your social media like you would a party. Be nice, be friendly, introduce yourself to many people – but do not harass people who are evidently not interested in having a conversation with you!


Improve the usability of your website – if your web presence isn’t enjoyable, no one is going to want to share the information on it (ergo… you won’t get the links you are looking for).


Many thanks for reading.


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