Why You Need Professional Help With Your Website

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If you value your business, you really need to value your website. Just like any other asset you own, such as a car or a house, it needs the right TLC to ensure that it doesn’t lose its value.

All too often we are contacted by business owners who decided they could save money by building their own website – but have discovered some months down the line that it just “isn’t performing”.

This is because websites need updating, refreshing, and ongoing maintenance – especially to stay compliant. Without these things it will become old, broken, and valued less by search engines, as well as visitors to the website!

Do you know how to do these?

  • Check broken links
  • Identify crawl errors
  • Do keyword research
  • Check your link profile
  • Perform a competitor analysis
  • Do a responsiveness health check
  • Update plugins
  • Update security
  • Refresh content
  • Produce compliant copy
  • Source images
  • Submit a sitemap

A website isn’t a one-off cost, you need to continue to pay for quality hosting, security updates and support. You should also be investing in new images, quality (compliant) content, and of course in getting a professional to perform regular website health checks.

As with all things in the world of websites, things change – and if you aren’t aware of the changes that need to be made, your website will inevitably not work for your business. You’ll lose visibility online, and lose out to your competitors.

Good practice when your website was built may well be bad practice today. Here are some examples…

  • Websites used to use iFrames – Google no longer reads these.
  • Flash used to be the big thing – This is now a no-no as it stifles web traffic and social media marketing.
  • Google favours responsive websites – If your website is difficult to view on a mobile device it WILL affect your rankings.
  • Keywords, keywords, keywords – Once upon a time you had to insert your keyword in several strategic places, and at the right density, that kind of writing now will actually harm your ranking.

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