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To ensure your business knows which direction it is going it needs a good marketing strategy. I don’t mean pages of writing that takes days to produce. This is the real world after all!

I mean a useful document that you and your team use and refer to month-to-month that actually guides you and keeps you working towards your business goals.

A marketing strategy ideally gives you and your team direction, which aligns with the overall business plan. Knowing how to create this can be something that just never happens, gets started and gathers dust or is something that brings out the most procrastination in you.

Which ever it is, we are here to help. Having worked with hundreds of micro, small and medium sized businesses we have plenty of experience of creating marketing strategies that work for our clients.

What you can expect:

A simple strategy that is easy to implement Solid understanding of where your business is
A good understanding of your business A good understanding of your target audience
A route on the most suitable path forwards Clear ongoing activities and who is responsible for doing them
*Realistic outcomes and a simple way to measure them

How it works:

Our most senior Geek, Ruth will either come and see you in person or work with you across the phone to better understand your business, probably over a cup of tea.

You do a lot of the talking while Ruth listens and starts to create a document in real-time, typing as you talk.

Your input is invaluable to this process and creates ownership of the marketing strategy.

Not just that, we give you a campaign template to follow month on month, meaning you can pretty much plan out the marketing activities for the year ahead, who is going to action them and when.

How we can help:

We can create a plan with you and for you.
We can review your existing plan and provide feedback.
In 1-2-1 training.
In group training.

Whichever route works for you, we are flexible in our approach.

To find out more visit our training page here or contact us here.

Geeks Marketing from the heart to help your business grow.

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