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The digital revolution has made a huge difference to the way we can connect with customers or clients, and to the way we can welcome more team members into the fold. If you’re still running your business using paper and the postal service take a look at how technology could be giving you a very big helping hand, out of the dark-ages and into a new digital era!

Growing your business

The Internet

A bit of a catch-all there, but really, listing jobs online, advertising jobs on your own website, using CV uploading software – the internet can help you find the right candidate without being a massive headache! Lots of recruitment agencies also have apps developed specifically for candidates to use.


Social Media

There is pretty much a social media platform for every type of person – and while some demographics might be more concerned with privacy than others, it is still good practice to get to know your target audience through their channel of choice. You can learn a lot about people from what they post online, maybe you’ll see that they are actively looking for a new job, or if they are talent you are ready to hire!



If you haven’t heard of Facebook, where have you been?  This is a free social networking tool that can and does build 6 figure businesses online.  We’ve had students go from home-made goods sold from their lounge to running a shop, built on the success of using Facebook to grow their business.  Look for new talent, check out competitors and most of all connect with your *target audience.



An amazing free tool that not only connects you with your *target audience, but can also help you hire the right caliber of team member too. You can view work history, experience and professional prowess at the click of a button – but do remember to set your profile to anonymous if you don’t want people to know you have been looking at them! LinkedIn is also great for creating a mailing list – just export your contacts to a .csv file to MailChimp.


If you are thinking “Mail what?”, let me introduce the world’s leading email marketing platform…



This platform is super easy to use, enabling the most design-phobic business owner to make gorgeous looking mailshots easily. MailChimp was integral to the success of Marketing Simply, it helped me spread the word that I was in business trading as a Marketing Consultant easily. As well as handling e-shots with ease, this platform has amazing automation possibilities and advanced analytics, so you can target your audience easily and monitor the performance of each campaign.



Mobile Devices

These are the tools of everyone’s trade. Laptops, tablets and smartphones enable us to access the internet easily, use apps easily, and keep connected with a team – essential if using virtual assistants or embracing flexible working. If you are using multiple devices make sure you sync all your systems and install apps across all devices.


Mobile Apps

Embrace smart phone technology for all the apps that can make running your business super-easy! I have chosen accounting and bookkeeping software based on the available apps, same for Content Management Systems, and of course task management software. With an app on my smart phone I feel extra connected to my business, and more connected with my team. It also makes doing or managing work on the fly easy.


Embracing technology has helped me grow a couple of businesses, and I want to inspire other business owners to let technology lead their growth too. When I look back to times when there would be one computer to a team of 60 in an office, and “the marketing team” had a collective email address – I am so thankful to be working in this time with technology at my fingertips.


* Target audience – it is really important to understand who yours are, before you go setting up a social media profile on every network on the block.  Do your research first!  If all this tech talk brings you out in a rash then relax, our team of super friendly, plain speaking Geeks could be just what you need to take your business onto the next level.


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